First stop: Zanzibar

Early morning was the end of night shift & the beginning of a long-awaited trip which I planned for almost a year. Fortunately I manage to extend my vacation into 7 weeks. After hugs & goodbyes with several friends, I left the laboratory and went straight to the airport.This is my second time to travel in the African continent. Seven countries to visit: Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe & South Africa. Starting on an island off the coast of Tanzania. Followed by an attempt on conquering the summit of Africa’s highest mountain. And then last stop in Cape Town. It’s not exactly a holiday but more like an adventure. Since most of the time are spent on safaris and numerous treks.

                                                WHERE I STAYED

It took 27 hours to finally reach my first destination. This time in the exotic island of Zanzibar. Just for a brief beach holiday. I decided to stay in the northern coast of the island, in a village called Nungwi. There are plenty of accomodation in this area. From all inclusive resorts to hostels. Since I preferred basic accomodation, I chosed to stay at Mwana House for 4 nights. An ideal place for people travelling on a budget. I found this one on airbnb and it has tons of good reviews. Mwana lives up to it’s good reputation. The place has a very nice garden, a small common area and shared kitchen. Every room has a bed draped with mosquito net. The staff are also great. Especially Abdullah who is both manager and owner of the place. He’s been very helpful in recommending the best restaurants & as well as arranging excursions for a reasonable price. Mwana is only 2 minutes walk to the beach. Outside the guesthouse, there are two convenient stores and a small restaurant. Baraka’s Aquarium is also nearby where you can swim with sea turtles.


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Swimming with sea turtles at Baraka's Aquarium

Swimming with sea turtles at Baraka’s Aquarium.




White sand beach

White sand beach.



IMG_8020The beach is absolutely spectacular! It’s one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen since Maldives. After all, the island is located in the Indian ocean. Glittering white sand and clear azure waters is exactly what I expected. Nungwi is not only known for it’s beaches, but also for being a major fishing village as well as building of sailboats. Here you’ll find a construction yard where dhows built by locals. These are traditional wooden sailboats that has an essential role in fishing and transportation in the Island.

And now for the annoying part. There is no ATM in Nungwi. It’s only possible to withdraw in Stone Town so I had to make sure that I had enough shillings before coming here. In addition, I was constantly interrupted by some locals while walking along the beach. Trying to sell me things that I don’t really need. Overpriced excursions/ snorkelling trips are offered which I had to consider. I eventually found a technique to avoid these people, by fake talking on my mobile phone. It actually helps!

 Men repairing fishing net.

Men repairing fishing net.

A local burning trash while enjoying the ocean view.

A local burning trash while enjoying the ocean view.

The traditional dhows.

The traditional dhows.

Some small shops in the village.

Some small shops in the village.

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3 thoughts on “First stop: Zanzibar

  1. Isidora Gallardo says:

    You are indeed a world traveler! You are one courageous individual. But always be in prayer. Congratulations! Take care always, Lance. I love you!

    Tita Pet

  2. Tomas says:

    cool Lance, Keep on writing!! 😀

  3. Adry Yañez says:

    Wow!!! Wonderful landscapes!!! Keep on travelling!

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