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About Lance

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Hi everyone!:D

My name is Lance. I’m a Filipino, a world traveller and an aspiring mountaineer. Born in Davao, but moved to Norway when I was 12. Currently residing in Tromsø & working in a laboratory as a medical technologist.
I created this blog for two reasons. First is to share my experience, not just to my friends & families, but also to the world. Second is to offer my advice to anyone who are interested in going to a particular place I’ve already visited. 
I became a frequent traveller in year 2010. It all began with short trips in neighboring countries. Then in 2011, I backpacked for the first time in Central America. It was an amazing journey. What else should I say? Uhm well…for the last 5 years I travelled to some interesting countries. Whenever I have a long weekend, I am most likely away somewhere in Europe. In a long vacation, I’m either backpacking around the world or trying my luck in conquering the seven summits. As Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”.


Welcome to my travel blog!:)





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